Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Sorry for the absence

I'm still alive! Things got busy during Thanksgiving. My daughter was in from college for 10 days. I spent as much time as I could with her. She's now returned to the snowy wonderland. Hopefully, she doesn't bring the snow home with her when she comes home for Christmas.

Then we had three Thanksgiving celebrations. Technically, it was four but one was the weekend before. I finally got my Christmas tree put up Friday night after Thanksgiving. I wanted to decorate while my daughter was home and it nearly didn't happen.

I did some new car shopping, but didn't buy anything. I want an All Wheel Drive vehicle so that I'm able to get to work should we get any snow. I'm the accounting manager. I'm always behind and of course everyone wants to be paid. So I've got to be there to write the paychecks.

Then Sunday night our internet went out. We finally found the problem and have internet again. What did we do before internet?

I made it to Barnes & Noble Saturday and was surprised to find that they had several signed books left from Black Friday. I'll get a double Stacking the Shelves post up this weekend and share my goodies with you.

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