Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Review: Nepenthe by Lindsay Paige

Nepenthe (Bracing for Love #2) by Lindsay Paige
Release Date: January 24, 2015
Genres: New Adult, Romance
Pages: 308
Source: E-Book 

Please note that I read this book in September 2015. I'd posted my review on Goodreads, but not here on my blog.

Goodreads Description:
Corey Kennedy was once a star on the football team at Salem University with his two younger brothers, Jonathan and Patrick. He lived and breathed football, hoping to follow his father’s dream to make it in the NFL. His chance was stolen from him when he was injured and his future in the sport ended.

As did his long-time method of coping with depression, a battle only he knows about and one he refuses to acknowledge.

A year after moving an hour away from his siblings, Corey hits rock bottom. His life is falling apart piece by piece. He’s too lost in his mind to see a way out. Slowly, with the the help of Olivia, a pushy new neighbor, Corey begins to learn healthier ways of dealing with the problems in his life.

His ground is already shaky and unstable while he struggles to stand on his own two feet again. He must find the strength to withstand what life throws at him, or crumble and fall back into his bad, unhealthy habits, which could end the relationships Corey very much needs.

Book Quote:
“I'm not thinking, okay? About anything at all. My mind is clear, empty, and focused entirely on how you feel. That's how it's possible.”
“How do I feel?” she whispers.
“Like everything I've ever needed in this world wrapped up in one beautiful body.” “Sounds like I feel amazing.”
I laugh. I can't help it. “You do.”

My Review
I pre-ordered this book before it was released in January. So by the time I started reading it I had forgotten what it was about. I read the first paragraph and realized it was a spin off of Bracing the Blue Line which I had just finished last night. I was excited because I loved that book and really liked the characters.

This is a different type of book than Bracing the Blue Line. Bracing the Blue Line was more romance. Nepenthe is more a story of coping and healing with depression with a side story of love.

I loved getting to know Corey more. He’s a tough guy that has lost his ability to achieve his lifelong goals and can’t find new direction for his life. His goals have always centered around football. Now that he’s not able to play football, he can’t stand to be around football or anything connected with it including talking football.

He meets his new neighbor Olivia when he’s at one of the lowest points in his life and is not very nice to her. Olivia isn’t scared away. Instead she sees through Corey’s pain and reaches out to help him. Olivia is able to “see into his soul” as Corey put it and push him when he needs it or hold back when he’s had enough. Over time Corey comes to rely on Olivia to help him cope and learn to be happy again.

The ending was a bit abrupt to me. While I realized I was near the end because my Kindle told me so, I expected the story to keep going a bit longer. However, things were either resolved or you could see that they were on their way to being resolved. I would not let this keep you from reading this book. It was a great read and I often found it difficult to put it down.

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