Saturday, February 13, 2016

Weekly Recap Feb 13, 2016

I'm still alive! Just dropping in to give a quick update. I've been having a little too much stress in my life lately and last week I just sort of checked out blog-wise. I've still been reading. Thursday I discovered a mistake in two of the W-2s I sent out to employees and had a melt-down. I really felt bad for the man that works with me. I'm his supervisor for all extensive purposes. He just came into my office at the wrong time. I got it all figured out Friday and things are good now.

Then my son's basketball team has made it to the championship game of the Junior High District Tournament. We're headed there in about an hour. It's a hour and a half drive to the host school and this will be our fourth trip there in the last two weeks. If you all could just say "Go Panthers!" that would be great! UPDATE: They won! It was an amazing game. They lead by like 10 points at the half. Then had some troubles in the 2nd half. But they never gave up the lead and won 47-46. They beat the #1 seated team. So proud and happy for these boys!

I just looked at my read bookshelf on Goodreads to see if I'd finished any books this week and the last book I finished was last Sunday. So while I've been reading this week, I haven't actually finished any books. I have been reading To The Nines by Janet Evanovich the last few days and have realized it was probably what I needed to get me out of my reading funk. It's full of so much snark that I frequently find myself laughing as I read.

I'll leave you all with this picture of my parent's new puppy. He's a German Shepard and is 6 weeks old I think. He was so soft and cute. But I'm glad it's them that has to deal with all the puppy stuff and not me. For some reason they have named him Larry. I hope you all have had a great week and that your weekend is going well.

Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day! That makes me think of something else that happened this week. My 14 year old son asked his girlfriend to go see a movie with him. She unfortunately has family commitments that will keep her from going. My son has also bought her flowers and a stuffed animal. I'm just not sure that I'm ready for my last child at home to grow up like this. It's thrown me for a little loop.

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