Friday, April 22, 2016

2016 Reading Challenge March Update

I meant to post this update last week but didn't get to it. In March I read four books, but I didn't really pay attention to whether they'd count for my challenges. Once I compiled all the details, I realized that I only made progress on one of my challenges in March. I've been reading a lot of ARCs lately and I'm thinking that I probably won't do much better in April. Oh, well! Read on!

February Progress
None crossed off this month.

alphabet 2016
March Progress
Completed two more for this challenge.
D - Dark Secrets by A.M. Hudson
L - Love in B Minor by Elodie Nowodazkij

Goodreads Group - 2016 Ultimate Popsugar Reading Challenge
March Progress
None completed this month.

MY GOAL: Mount Blanc, 24 books
Total Read To Date: 12 
March Progress
None added this month.
2016 Dystopia Reading Challenge
March Progress
I didn't read any more books for this challenge this month.

MY GOAL: Discussion Dabbler (1-12 Discussion Posts)
March Progress
I didn't post any discussion posts in February.


  1. You know, what's really important is that you're enjoying what you're reading, Carey! So happy reading, my friend! :D

    1. Yeah when I was picking out challenges at the beginning of the year, I made sure to pick out ones that didn't require me to name the books I would read for the challenge ahead of time. If the book I'm reading happens to cross something off my challenges, great! If not, there's always the next book.